Excerpt from the upcoming release of "Be Careful What You Ask For by:Delvon Johnson"

JFK Airport was a mess.  Flights had been cancelled due to the freezing cold weather.  Joan was finally landing back in New York.  It had been months since she had been in the States and it felt good to finally be home. With her fashion line, Eurosport, taking off like a rocket, Joan found herself spending more time internationally than ever. 

When she left the States, it was decided that Tina Morgan, her partner with Eurosport, would handle all the domestic dealings.  Joan handled the international dealings and she simply loved it.  London was better than New York, as far as she was concerned.  She always missed New York when she was in London, but London was just so much more exciting!

Joan got off the plane and felt fabulous to actually be back in the States.  She couldn’t wait to call her good friend, Karen, and let her know that she was home and ready to have a little fun. 

As Joan headed to the baggage claim, she felt she was dressed a little over the top for flying in to Manhattan.  Joan was wearing a skin tight leather skirt with a pair of Chanel stiletto boots that had a metal heel.  Her Chinchilla fur kept her warm, and she kept her Chloe shades on, sunshine or not.

There was a driver standing at the front with Joan’s last name on the card.

“ I’m Ms. Murphy.”

“ Right this way ma’am” The driver said as he grabbed her Valextra  luggage and headed toward the car.

Joan hopped into the backseat of the sleek black Mercedes while the driver finished filling the trunk up with her luggage.  Before she knew it, the driver was parked in front of  her home in Manhattan.  The doorman came out and greeted the driver as both men began to take the bags to the elevator.  Joan went to the elevator and patiently waited for  them to finish bringing in her bags.  She tipped them both a twenty each and headed upstairs.  When she got inside her house, she immediately felt at ease and comfortable.  There was nothing like being home, she thought.  Even though she had a lavish apartment in London, this was her main domain.  Joan immediately took her coat off and the high ass heels that had her feet killing her. She went into the kitchen and poured a glass of  Pinot Grigio.  It was just what she needed after such a long and tiring flight.

After her second glass of wine, Joan decided to call Karen. It was a little past ten, but she figured Karen would still be up.

“ Hello.” Karen said in a cheerful tone.

“ Hello yourself, Ms. Thang.”

“ Joan?  Darling!  How are you?” Karen said

“ Oh, never been better, sweetie.  Guess who’s in town?”

“ Who? You?  Shut up!  When did you fly in?”

“ I just got home about an hour ago.”

“ Why didn’t you call me.  I could have picked up from the airport?”

“ Girl puleeze, for what?  That’s what car service is for.”

They both laughed in harmony.

“ Well, I will be at your place first thing in the morning. You know we have to do lunch and shopping.”  Karen insisted.

“  Sounds great.”

“Well darling,, I’m gonna let you go.  I’m sure you are jet lagged beyond belief.” Karen said.

“ Absolutely.”  I will see you in the morning. Joan said yawning.

“ Ciao darling.”

Joan hung up the phone and realized that the wine had given her a serious buzz.  She decided to call it a night.  As she laid down and went to sleep, she was so relaxed and grateful to be in her big soft and fluffy bed as she drifted off to a world where everything was at ease and all tension was lifted off her shoulders.

* * *

The next day Joan woke up rested.  Her jet lag had worn off and she was ready to enjoy the day.  She woke up and turned on Good Morning America.  She always enjoyed a hot cup of coffee while she watched Diane Sawyer.  She always thought that Diane was fabulous for her age and her stylists were on point.

Halfway through her second cup of coffee, Joan’s cellular started buzzing.  She looked at the caller i.d. and saw that it was Terrence calling.  She picked up the phone after it rang several times

“ What’s up gorgeous?”

“ Hi Terrence.  How are you?”

“ Fine baby.  Did your flight make it in safely?”

“ Yes. I’m home. Where are you?”

“ Well, since I knew you would be home today, I took the day off to spend with you.”

“ That’s so sweet.  What did you have in mind?”

“ I guess you’ll have to wait and see, won’t you.  Be ready in an hour.”

“Ok.” Joan replied hanging up.

Joan hung up the phone with a twinge of excitement about seeing Terrence.  She met him on a flight coming from LA on business.  He was doing  the same and they were seated in first class right next to each other.  He was tall and gorgeous.  His dazzling smile went well with his smooth dark skin.  And with a body that was built in all the right places, Joan knew she couldn’t go wrong.

Terrence and Joan hit it off immediately.  She learned that he was a stock broker for Smith & Barney.  He had a brownstone in Brooklyn and a beach house in Malibu.  He was frequently traveling between New York and Los Angeles, and since he loved the beach, he figured a beach house was a great investment.

While flying across the country, Joan and Terrence realized that they had a lot  in common.  They enjoyed the same kind of music and foods.  Joan enjoyed watching  football, and they even agreed that the Dallas Cowboys were the best NFL football team.  While Terrence had been divorced once and had a daughter, Joan explained that she had never married because of the demands of her career.  She chose against telling Terrence about her ex-fiancee Rob, who turned about to be gay several years ago.  At this point, Joan was tired of being alone.  She had finally made it in the fashion world, and could have anything that money could buy.  But Joan knew one thing.  Money couldn’t buy true love.

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