Between The Lines: Calling All Authors/Writers/Novelists


Ok loves, here is the tentative synopsis (just to give you an idea of what types of stories I’m looking for):
In Lies Told In The Bedroom, Anna J is back on the scene with some of the hottest authors to date. In this steamy anthology, secrets are revealed and the drama unfolds as those things done in the dark come to light. Was it the steamy lunch time rendezvous with a coworker that got you in trouble? Did the boxers left under the bed that weren’t your husbands open your skeleton filled closet? Or was it the lack of sex from your mate the cause of your infidelity? Are you tired of the same boring sex routine, and want some spice in your life? On the pages of Lies Told In The Bedroom, all of these things are explored and more! Get ready for scandal, have your loved one by your side when the heat gets turned up, and be ready for the ride when it all goes down. Late nights and early mornings won’t be the only things you remember. Now it’s time to let it all out…so, what lies have you told in the bedroom?

~ 10,000 words or MORE! Anything less than that WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED!
~Your story must be properly EDITED BEFORE SUBMITTED. This means if I can’t get through the first page without dotting i’s and crossing t’s the story will be discarded.
~Your story must have a story line! That means tell a story folks. There should be a beginning middle and end, a plot, character development, story line development, and SCANDAL! All sex and no plot makes for a very dull story. Bring the reader in, and give them a complete story. Yes, I am looking for an erotic story, but it has to make sense. Why are the things happening in the story? and bring the story to an end! (Unless you plan to continue it elsewhere)
~ Don’t be afraid to explore all aspects of sex and fantasies, but I am not looking for sadistic story types. I don’t want anyone to die… be having sex with animals…exploring nasty bodily fluids…you get what I’m saying? Also, in exploring these other areas, please know what you are talking about. If you are confused, the reader will be also.
~When submitting your story please submit with it a short synopsis of the story. This will be what the reader will read to tell them about your story if your story is selected. SUBMITTING DOES NOT GUARANTEE SELECTION.
~I am paying $100/flat rate/no royalties for the story. However, you may advertise and 2 works (previous/future) with a chapter from each.
~ The dead line is 01/31/13 with a release date of 03.01.13
I am looking for 6 stories…so if you are interested please submit your story to me at

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