Book Attraction- Slippery When Wet by: Cairo

These five salacious stories are filled to the brim with sizzling, steamy erotica for anyone who enjoys, fantasizes about, or simply craves girl-girl sex.
In “Juicy Fruit,” Ava Wilson, a full-figured single diva, has always wondered what having sex with a woman would be like. So when she goes on a weekend getaway and is told by her friend—after a night of drinks—that she is sexually attracted to her, Ava allows curiosity and her neglected libido to get the best of her.
In “Sweet ‘n’ Sticky,” Miasha Simmons is the perfect little trophy wife for her wealthy attorney-husband, and she knows how to keep her man happy, in and out of bed. But when he’s away, his sweet, loving wife likes to play…with other women. It’s her perfect little secret, or so she thinks.
In “Cum Master,” Laila Reynolds loves the sweet sting of a whip as much as she enjoys inflicting the same amount of pleasure to those who seek her out through her website, promising solicitors a night of hot, steamy fun they’ll never forget.
In “Liquid Heat,” there’s nothing more delicious than being on the receiving end of a gang-bang with six lovely, harness-strapped women. For businesswoman Ebony Rice, the sheer pain and pleasure of being tied up brings her to new levels of satisfaction.
In “Straight No Chaser,” playboi-stud Reggie Sanders has a thing for beautiful straight women. She knows they’re emotionally unavailable to her, but it’s not love she’s after; it’s the thrill of the chase that gets her juices flowing. That’s until she seduces a woman who gives Reggie a taste of her own medicine—straight with no chaser.
Release: Nov. 5, 2013

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