{Excerpt} A Lil Nasty Book 2 by:Ben Harris Jr.


(Narrated by Bricilla)

I am cognizant of the fact that you all are probably dying to know how I have been doing lately. I swear that I will fill you in with all the scandalous specifics in due time. At the moment, it’s just not sensible for me to do so. However, I will declare that I am still residing in Las Vegas and I am presently living by the saying, get them before they get you. Or better yet, get him before he gets me. 

My family is securely tucked away in a remote location far away from Sin City and I correspond with them every day either by phone or E-mail. In this installment of freaky tales, I will disclose more of the x-rated encounters that I recently uncovered during a few of my psychic readings. And honey I am here to tell you that the stories that I am going to divulge in this volume are ten times the nastier than they were in the first book!
I know that I strongly expressed in my last book that I had turned my back on giving psychic readings however, do to the unfortunate circumstances surrounding my marriage and me having to place my family in hiding, I have to keep a steady and substantial income rolling in to support all of our many expenses, just until the amount of money I earn from my book sales increase. Yes, I know my slogan is, writing dirty pays well, but when you are a label-whore like myself, no amount of money seems to ever be enough!

So, onto the juicy shit… I met this client who I think you all will become completely enthralled with reading about! In fact, he is so dope that he even gave his full consent and blessing for me to use his government name in this latest release. His birth name is Devon Euphoric Smith but he prefers to simply be referred to as “Euphoric.” From the first time I laid eyes on the well-manicured Black Ken doll, I knew instantly that he was a cold piece of work.


Bricilla Webb

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